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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I want to make sure that everyone knows who is behind this conference. Besides the good people at OCRI who are taking care of much of the conference management, and the terrific people at High Road Communications, who are supporting this conference, and who have been a pleasure to work with, there are those who have been instrumental in getting this whole thing underway. The idea for the conference started out as part of a conversation that I had with Alec Saunders at a barcamp in Ottawa, that he had initiated. We felt that it would be great to bring together a mix of people from the new communication companies (many coming from an IP heritage) and the traditional Telecom vendors, to explore opportunities being presented by the dramatic changes that are happening in communications technology/businesses today.

Within days of casually discussing the idea with colleagues and friends, we had attracted a cast of true leaders in their fields. Each believing that the idea was well worth their time. I am greatful for all the support of these people in developing this first iteration of Voice 2.0. There is much yet to do, but I wanted to acknowledge these folks:
  • Alec Saunders (Iotum)
  • Greg Pelton (CISCO)
  • Peter Carbone (Nortel)
  • Surj Patel (ETel co-chair)
  • Martin Geddes (UK based consultant)
  • Gitte Lindgaard (Carleton U)
  • John Callahan (Carleton U)

As each week goes by, we are being joined by new people that are offering their help to make this conference a reality. Thanks to all it is going to be a great event.


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