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Thursday, August 31, 2006

There has been a lot of promise and confusion over the past several months, as several announcements around muni-WiFi have circulated involving new as well as traditional telecom players.

Lost in all of this discussion, has been the wider trend that these networks represent. Specifically, the rise of, what we at Voice 2.0 have referred to simply as, Alternative Networks. These networks include; municipal networks (usually wifi based), such as the ones announced in Toronto, Paris, San Fransisco, and elsewhere over the past several months. But it also includes what some people have referred to as User Managed and owned networks. These are often based on advanced optical access technologies, and amount to users owning the expensive, and all important "last mile" of the network. Bill St-Arnaud of CANARIE networks in Canada, has claimed that, owning the last mile is;
[an] Increasingly popular strategy at universities, schools, hospitals, businesses,
and that the
ROI is typically 2-3 years versus purchasing managed service

Bill is an expert on high-speed optical network technology, as well as User Managed networks. He will be joined at Voice 2.0 by Martin Geddes, a UK consultant to Service Providers, along with other experts in the field to discuss this trend and the opportunities that it presents to small and large businesses.


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