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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well, it is that time of year again ... the summer is coming to an end, and it is time to plan your fall activities. Do yourself a really big favour; pull out your calendar, and circle October 16th. This is the day that many sages and practitioners from the Telecom industry, will be in Ottawa, sharing visions, ideas and practices, for the future of the industry.

Those of us behind organizing the conference are really excited about the prospect for a unique conference involving a diverse group of people, from large companies as well as entrepreneurs, and some researchers. It will cover the gambit from implications and opportunities of Open Source in Telecom, to what the next generation of user interfaces and experiences will be like. Voice 2.0 promises a day packed full of interesting conversations.

The event will also be unique in that we have adopted a hybrid structure - a mixture of traditional conference and so-called unconference. It will enable those planning on attending to contribute to defining, and creating the day's activities. We have established a wiki to capture your input, and we can be reached by email as well.

One reason we felt the need to create this conference, was to develop a forum for conversations among practitioners and entrepreneurs, about future directions and opportunities in the communications industry as if goes through some exciting changes. With your input we plan on supporting mechanisms to enable the conversation to continue well after this first conference.

For two very eloquent introductions to our conference , please see the blog entries from a couple of other people behind Voice 2.0 - Alec Saunders and Martin Geddes.


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