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Monday, September 11, 2006

An article in the NYTimes today provides a further reminder of some of the potential surprises that may be in store for the communication industry. The piece deals with Telecom Italia's rumoured plans to sell its mobile unit. While not terribly surprising on its own, it follows reports over Verizon's massive investment in FTTH, and along with other similar reports suggests a potential swing of the pendulum away from wireless technologies. Not that wireless will loose its importance as a communication access vehicle, but rather it appears to be recognition that Broadband (optical) access, has been under appreciated in the past few years, as markets have been enamoured with wireless technology and applications.

Voice 2.0 will have a session on Alternative Networks, which includes highly publicized municipal WiFi networks as well as User Managed Optical networks. The latter has not been very widely reported in the media, but represents a change at least as important as Muni WiFI networks. We are fortunate that we will have Bill St-Arnaud of CANARIE networks, an expert on this trend, to help us better understand the threats and opportunities that it represents.


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