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Monday, September 18, 2006

Mark Evans posted an interview with Mike Pegg today. Mike is a GoogleMaps guru, who blogs extensively on the subject and helps people with GoogleMaps mashup development. The phenomenon of GoogleMaps mashups has surprised many. Mark Evans asks Mike why he thinks mashups of GoogleMaps have been so successful, and Mike answered that it was (and I paraphrase) due to:

  1. The powerful API and tools that have made coding mashups so simple and accessible to the ‘Average Joe’
  2. The satellite imaging capability that adds a new and interesting dimension to on-line maps.
This got me to wonder what a tool would look like that could generate the same kind of enthusiasm for Voice Mashups that GoogleMaps has done for Map Mashups? I am looking forward to the round-table discussion on New Applications of Voice Technology - Telephony Mashups, to ask the experts for their views.


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