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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I just got off the phone with Jim Courtney of Skype Journal and Bill St. Arnaud of CANARIE. As Jim Courtney agreed at the last minute to moderate our sessions on Alternative Networks, and Visions for Telecom (thanks a bunch Jim), I wanted to introduce him to Bill and for the two of them to agree on how the session would run.

Our conversation unfolded in a way that I hope several of the topics will go for those at the conference. Having seen Bill's charts, Jim was interested in learning more, but shortly after we were into the discussion, Jim became captivated by the possibilities of what Bill was describing. Jim's 'aha' moment led him to suggest that he would like to post on this subject and would follow-up with Bill shortly to further that effort.

Everyone of the sessions at the Conference has the potential to generate aha moments, even from industry insiders. It is going to be fun!


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