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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Voice 2.0 - a Success!

As a classic techie introvert, I like to decompress for a while after events and let my thoughts gel before making any comments. For this reason, I did not post last night or early this morning on the conclusion of the Voice 2.0 conference that wrapped up yesterday evening. Alec Saunders, however, wrote about the conclusion of the event first thing in the morning and was even beaten to the punch by Grant Buckler who wrote about one of the sessions on Monday.

Alec gave a good summary and so I am not going to risk repeating his assessment here. I will say, that I have received a great deal of interest from people enquiring as to when they could expect a follow-on event. The feedback has been unanimously positive, with comments on the event being a unique and thought provoking experience that people enjoyed and learned from. It was not an unconference, but the format and approach was quite different from what other conferences offer, and people wanted more.

It is truly gratifying when you are able to satisfy a need or scratch an itch that others may not have recognized existed, so you can bet we will aim to address this need again, and even try and improve upon the experience that everyone had this year.

Stay tuned …


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